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Your Guide to Garden Edging Stones

HOW CAN I MAKE MY GARDEN BORDERS AND PATHS LOOK REALLY GOOD? If you want to create beautifully defined flower beds, garden borders, and pathways in your garden, then garden edging stones are an essential part of enhancing the design of your outdoor spaces.  Well designed garden edges personalise your garden space, and they keep your […]

A guide to blue metal & gravel

Blue metal, you may see it in your local landscape supply store and have no idea what it actually is. We thought we would break down the ins and outs of this popular material and exactly how you can utilise it in your outdoor space.  WHAT IS BLUE METAL?  Blue metal is crushed down from […]

Soil Requirements for Veggies Gardens

Veggie gardens are a gift that keeps on giving. Especially if gardening is your hobby, but turning your sights on edible gardening, you will consume your own produce!  WHY START A VEGETABLE GARDEN?  If you’re anything like us, you make switches to organic produce as much as you can to avoid nasty pesticides and chemicals. […]

Does Garden Soil Go Bad?

Garden soil, does anyone else either have way too much or never enough? There seems to be no happy medium for planting time; either we’ve overdone it with the potting mix or haven’t got nearly enough. This has created a tendency to buy more potting mix than necessary. But it got us wondering, does soil […]

Can You Lay Pavers On Any Sand?

Using pavers in your landscaping is an easy and effective way to achieve an outdoor foundation.  Whether you are laying the pavers yourself or installing the help of a landscaper when ordering the materials for the job, you need to be sure you are getting the best fit. It remains one of the most popular […]

Different types of landscaping sand

Sand is a versatile product. It can be used for various landscaping projects, but not every type of sand is suitable for all creative endeavours. Here we will break down the different types of landscaping sands and how you can use them for your next backyard venture.   WHAT IS LANDSCAPING SAND?  Sand is loose particles of broken […]

Benefits of Using Mulch in your Garden

Should you bother with mulching? It might seem like including mulch in your garden routine might just be adding to your workload. But we think mulch should be an essential element for all avid gardeners to help keep their plants thriving.   A large part of maintaining a healthy garden comes down the right type and […]

Landscaping with moss rock

Landscaping with moss rock There are so many unique ways to revamp and revitalise the look of your home garden. But have you ever considered doing your landscaping with moss rock? Using moss rock will give your garden an eye-catching design that can be used for an array of home projects. Let’s learn some more about landscaping […]

Creative landscaping ideas

Creativity lives inside all of us. A lot of the time we are too scared to let it out or we’re afraid that other people may not like the result. Your garden belongs to you, and it’s about time you get your creative juices flowing and make it stand out from the crowd. Of course, […]

The 10 Best Garden Crops to Plant This Summer

GET VERTICAL! GROW THESE CROPS FOR HEARTY FALL HARVESTS! People recognize the space-saving advantages of growing vegetables vertically up garden netting or a trellis, and they are surprised at the number of varieties that can be used to create a vertical garden. Here is my list of 10 favorites—and the reason I turn to them—for crops […]