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Creative landscaping ideas

Creativity lives inside all of us. A lot of the time we are too scared to let it out or we’re afraid that other people may not like the result. Your garden belongs to you, and it’s about time you get your creative juices flowing and make it stand out from the crowd. Of course, your outdoor areas can look beautiful with just the usual soil, plants and water features but why not think out of the box and create a memorable space?


Outdoor lighting can go beyond usual spotlights on display features. Why not try some colourful lighting such as green or blue? This attracts so much attention and does a great job of showcasing dark areas of your garden. Use green lights to highlight your plants and trees, and the blue lights to highlight water features – this will add extra oomph!


If your home is surrounded by a wall, why not add some beautiful artwork to it. You can paint murals directly on the walls or even add canvas paintings. Who says artwork should remain indoors? Just remember to treat the paintings accordingly to avoid any weather damage. This is a great way to show off your stylish taste or it can be a fun activity for you and your kids.


A metal fence can be quite dreary, especially when your garden is basic. Have you ever thought about adding some wall art?  Try using little butterflies or other common garden animals to create a masterpiece for onlookers to admire. To protect wall art from the elements spray with clear gloss, to prevent rusting and fading.


Remember how much fun you had as a kid jumping on giant feet that made up a pathway? We’re not saying you should go out and buy giant stone feet, you can work with what you have, or purchase pavers and stones to create your own unique pathway. Place them in interesting positions to make a unique pattern. Adults and kids alike will enjoy navigating the pathway and it will look awesome!


Edward Scissorhands’ garden was the pinnacle of fascinating outdoor shrubbery designs. You don’t have to have shrubs and bushes shaped as elephants or angels, but you can try some basic shapes like circles, rectangles or mini squares.


If you have trees or hanging plants in your garden, you could add pretty hanging charms off them. Try getting charms that are made from glass because when the sun shines, you’ll experience a show of beautiful dancing lights that reflects off the walls and water.

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