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Can You Lay Pavers On Any Sand?

Using pavers in your landscaping is an easy and effective way to achieve an outdoor foundation. 

Whether you are laying the pavers yourself or installing the help of a landscaper when ordering the materials for the job, you need to be sure you are getting the best fit.

It remains one of the most popular materials for pavers due to its accessibility and spreadability. But landscapers recommend using sand under pavers for areas that get some, but not constant foot traffic as over a long period and with excessive use, the pavers will begin to shift. If you are using sand, read on to know the best type of sand to use underneath pavers.  

Why do you need sand under pavers?

Paving sand acts as a bed for the pavers to rest comfortably on for a flat, unmessy surface. It also protects the joints of the pavers from slowly crushing and eroding. 

Paving sand is durable enough to stabilise your pavers for years to come, and without it, they will shift or eventually sink as time goes on. 

The sand foundations allow the correct water drainage needed under the laid pavers. It also works particularly to deter weeds and insects from coming through. 

Can you lay pavers on any sand? No, not just any sand can be used to provide your pavers with the right support. 

What kind of sand should be used under pavers?

Not just any sand can be used under pavers. Playground sand, for example, would fail miserably underneath pavers due to its fineness, and it would wash away quickly, leaving your pavers bare! 

Concrete sand is highly recommended as material under pavers. Also known as bedding sand, it is course enough to not trap in any moisture between the pavers, and it maintains its structural integrity over long periods. 

Polymeric sand is also an ideal base for pavers. Also known as paving or hardscape sand, it is made up of finer grains. When mixed with water, it creates a super-strong bond as its concrete elements come into effect. 

To get the most out of using sand under pavers, it is worth using it in conjunction with crushed stone. The crushed stone works superbly when combined with sand as paving material. Adding the crushed stone to paving sand adds to its durability. 

Whilst these specific types of sand are great materials to use as the foundation for your pavers; there are many other materials just as durable and convenient. Pure crushed stone, stone dust and compact soil can all be utilised for laying pavers with their own structural benefits and disadvantages. 

If you are left feeling more confused by all the options available to you for paving, take a look at our range available to you! We stock concrete sand, paving sand, fill sand, a large range of soils and stones. We can deliver to you in bulk or however many bags you need seven days a week. 

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