Landscape Supplies

See the difference in your garden with landscape supplies from Midland.

Established in 1986, Midland Sand & Soil Supplies is an independent, family owned and operated business providing landscaping supplies to contractors and homeowners across Perth. We offer a range of soils, mixes, gravel and mulches for your garden. Sands, Blue metals and cement products for your building projects.

If you’re uncertain about where to start with your gardening project, or a client has specific requirements for their landscaping needs, then come to Midland. With a knowledgeable team who are on hand to assist you with a wide range of garden supplies, you’ll get that garden into tip-top shape.

Our selection of gardening supplies such as paving slabs, kerbing, letterboxes and much more adds interest and style to any landscape. At Midland Sand and Soils you can get the right products to help you create a dream outdoor space, with the added convenience of a free courtesy trailer hire to a deliver. We can deliver  small, medium and large loads throughout the metropolitan area.

We carry a wide range of products to suit all designs, styles and projects:

·         Soils ·        Letterboxes·         Bagged cement
·         Mulches·         Blue metal products·         Pea Hay
·         Sands·         Limestone blocks·         Rainbow stone
 ·         Gravel ·         Paving slabs 



Mulch offers many advantages for your garden. It’s great for conserving water and it stops the topsoil from becoming dry. For mulch that Perth landscapers often use for water reduction and soil maintenance, contact Midland. Our mulch range includes everything from Black mulch, Mushroom compost, Budget mulch and much more.


Different landscaping and construction materials call for various sands, each of which are treated differently as they perform diverse functions. We offer ungraded fill sand, high clay content brickies sand and white washed sand for playgrounds amongst others.

Soil Mixes

Garden soil is essential for the health of your plants, flowers and grass. If you have a vegetable garden, the type of soil you use affects your wellbeing too, so get the good stuff from Midland. We offer general garden mix, soil conditioner,  landscape mix and many others for a variety of applications.

Blue Metal & Gravel

We offer a selection of blue metal gravel that can be used for concrete mixes and standard gravel that is suitable for footpaths, driveways and garden beds. There is a variety of uses for blue metal gravel, and you can purchase a variety of sizes, which can be delivered to your site or you can pick up with our free courtesy trailer hire.

Stones & Rocks

Our rainbow garden stones are a firm favourite with landscapers thanks to the multi-coloured rocks that add personality to any garden. Form borders around a garden or flower beds, fill a soil bed or use as ground covering. The uses are plentiful and the product is an advantage to any landscape.

Contact us today for assistance regarding our wide variety of landscaping supplies, preferred by homeowners and contractors throughout Perth.