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Different types of landscaping sand

Sand is a versatile product. It can be used for various landscaping projects, but not every type of sand is suitable for all creative endeavours. Here we will break down the different types of landscaping sands and how you can use them for your next backyard venture.  


Sand is loose particles of broken rock made up of grains for disintegrated stone. Sand has a fine aggregate form and is used widely for backfill, concrete, and landscaping. But many people forget that not all sand is the same and that many of them have different features that make them useful for specific applications. There are many different types of landscaping sands and a range of landscaping ideas to go along with it.  


At Midland Sand and Soil, we stock a huge range of landscaping sand in Perth for every landscaping job.  

Fill sand 

Fill sand is ungraded and mostly unscreened. This type of landscaping sand is suitable for filling in small or large surface areas.  

Brickies sand 

Brickies sand has a higher clay content and is suitable for cement mixes and as a base for paving. This could be utilised for projects such as driveway filling, pathway making, or other landscaping jobs needing cement.  

Plasterers sand 

This has a low clay content and is suitable for rendering and plastering work.  

Concrete sand 

This is solely used for cement mixes. Use it to create your mix at home to then fill in driveways, entertainment areas, etc. The sand has a larger particle size with aggregates in it. This will improve the drainage and soil structure when mixed with heavy soils.  

GinGin Quartz 

This is a coarse sand used for kerbing mixes. It has reflective attributes, so it is common in specialty road asphalt applications. 

White Washed sand 

White washed sand is mainly used for children’s playgrounds and sandpits. It can also be used for brick paving and being swept over bricks to assist in locking the pavers together, leaving a neat finish. Its texture is soft and free of silica, making it safer for kids.  

River sand 

River sand is a coarse sand that can be used for sand pads or the base of horse arenas.  

Paving Lawn Sand 

This can be used for top dressing your lawn and paving jobs. Talk to a professional to see whether this is suitable for your garden.  

At Midland Sand and Soil, we offer landscaping sand delivery all over Perth! We can bulk deliver all of the products needed for your landscaping project. Whether you just need landscaping sand, or you decide to go all out and get soil, mulch or garden stones and pebbles as well, we have you covered. Contact the yard on (08) 9274 6244 or contact us via our website to discuss your delivery. Or, if you would like to come to check out what we have on offer, swing by our store on 30 Stanhope Garden, Midvale, WA. Let’s get this show on the road!

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