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Benefits of Using Mulch in your Garden

Should you bother with mulching? It might seem like including mulch in your garden routine might just be adding to your workload. But we think mulch should be an essential element for all avid gardeners to help keep their plants thriving.  

A large part of maintaining a healthy garden comes down the right type and the correct quantity of mulch. We pride ourselves on being one of the best mulch suppliers in Perth due to our locally sourced mulch and our low price point.  

We’ve compiled a list of the benefits of using mulch in your garden, give it a go and see for yourself!   


Mulch is the top layer on your garden bed and anything you use to cover the surface of the soil in your garden. Mulch is a combination of soils and materials that protect and provide nutrients for soil and plant growth.  



One reason why we love mulch is that it maintains an even soil temperature. Dark mulches warm the soil whilst light mulches keep it cool, so it is essential to choose the right mulch for your specific plant’s needs.  


Like most gardeners, you must hate it when a weed infestation runs through your garden. It feels like weeds are popping up all over the place! If you put in the extra effort in your garden to use mulch, one of the rewards you will reap is having less weeds. Mulch does this by blocking out more sunlight, giving the weeds less chance to grow and saving you more time in the garden!  


Mulch also works to keeps the moisture in and can reduce water evaporation from the soil by up to 70%. It acts like a blanket for your soil. Mulches are able to conserve water and reduce the need for irrigation.   


As if there aren’t already enough reasons to use mulch in your garden, mulch minimises nutrients shedding by shedding excessive rainfall. A massive benefit of mulch, depending on what type you choose, is it provides slow-release nutrients into your garden. Which means you can skip the fertiliser!  


Did you know another benefit of mulch is pest control? Or rather, attracting insects which help the breakdown in the soil of your garden and repel other insects like mosquitoes, ants and moths which you don’t want around your garden. Could the benefits of using mulch in your backyard get any better?  

Plus it looks great too! Take a look at our extensive mulch range and have a chat with one of our friendly staff. We can help you find the right mulch fit for your garden needs!   

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