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A guide to blue metal & gravel

Blue metal, you may see it in your local landscape supply store and have no idea what it actually is. We thought we would break down the ins and outs of this popular material and exactly how you can utilise it in your outdoor space. 


Blue metal is crushed down from the dark-coloured Basalt rock and screened to size. An igneous, fine-grained rock, blue metal solidified from cooling magma or lava thousands of years ago when the volcanos once on the Earth’s surface erupted. Basalt is the most common rock type found in the Earth’s outer 10 to 15km layer. It can be found all over the planet, but especially where the Earth’s crust is thinner. 


Most commonly, blue metal is used as an aggregate in concrete mixes and for its drainage properties. You can use blue metal in pots or soak wells. Or even as part of your non-organic mulch in garden beds. Landscapers use blue metal for decorative purposes to outline a footpath or line garden beds. Blue metal is most commonly used for artificial lawns, parking areas, and driveways when crushed into a dust form. Ideal for when you need a firmer base, the finer properties of blue metal means it can compact even further. And, when used under an artificial lawn, it stops weeds and plants from growing. 


As blue metal is collected, crushed and screened to size, it is available in a vast range of sizes, from blue metal dust to 5-7mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm and 63mm pieces. 

What other gravel products do we stock? If you aren’t after blue metal, we have an extensive range of gravel products for your gardens, driveways and all outdoor needs. If you are looking for a gravel aggregate more suitable for driveways and footpaths, you may prefer crushed limestoneroad gravel, or our most popular, Binoon red. If you’re after something to complete your garden bed or to place between pavers, try our pea gravel or moss rock. Both of which are perfect for water features too! If you have no clue what kind of gravel products your project requires, just ask us! Drop into our store in Midvale to take a look at our range yourself.

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