Sands for all landscaping, paving and gardening needs.

Midland Sand & Soil Supplies offers a range of sands suited for landscaping and gardening requirements. Buy in small or large quantities and take your sand home with our free courtesy trailer hire service.

You can choose from our wide range of products that are used by landscapers, developers and homeowners across Perth.

Our Sand Supplier includes;

  • Fill sand
  • Brickies sand
  • Plasterers sand
  • Concrete sand
  • GinGin Quartz
  • White Washed sand
  • River sand
  • Paving Sand
  • Lawn Sand

Our team can advise you on the advantages of each product and how it can benefit you and your project. Sand is used in landscaping, gardening and the construction of many large and small products and buildings.

We offer river sand as one of our products, which is used in horse arenas and the base pad for water tanks. River  sand is a course red sand. We stock ungraded fill sand, which is excellent for foundations and filling in areas; it is not suitable for playgrounds and sandpits. Whitewashed sand is a high-end sand used for sandpits as it is screened and washed. White wash is also used to fill in the small gaps that rougher sand cannot access, like on paved driveways and pathways. Brickies paving sand is excellent for a paving base as it has a high clay content unlike plasterers’ sand, which has a low clay content. These are just some of the sand products we have on offer.

Contact us for more information or assistance. We also offer a delivery service or you can utilise our courtesy trailer hire for your purchases.