Boost the health of your garden with mulch that Perth landscapers recommend.

Midland Sand & Soil Supplies stocks a range of mulch that Perth homeowners and landscapers recommend for moisture and weed control plus enriching the soil. Your garden or flowerbeds could be losing topsoil at a faster rate than you may realise, and the answer to preventing water and soil loss is applying mulch.

There are many advantages to the various mulches we offer, the most prevalent advantage is that water is retained in the soil, which means you can reduce watering by up to 60% which results in a decreased water bill for you.

Soil gets dehydrated and the nutrients can be absorbed very fast. The idea is to retain moisture and slowly release those vital elements into the ground over a period of time. We can advise you on slow-release mixers that keep your soil nutrient-rich and moist.It is recommended to apply a layer between 75-100mm, keeping away from the stem of the plant.

You can purchase small bags or larger quantities of the best garden mulch, which you can take home with our free courtesy trailer hire or we can deliver to you.

Our mulch stock range includes:

  • Black Mulch
  • Woodland Red Woodchip
  • Mushroom Compost – 100% organic
  • Karri & Peat Mulch – 100% organic
  • Shredded Pine Bark
  • Woodchips
  • Tree Loppers (when available)
  • Enviro Mulch


The need for eco-friendly soil products is high, and we strive to provide you with all options to ensure your landscaping and gardening requirements are met, and your need to grow healthy vegetables in chemical-free soil is catered to.

The importance of mulch cannot be overstated, and with the addition of soil conditioners, your garden will start to see the positive effects of nutrients being broken down, converted and slowly released into the soil. Speak to our team about the best mulch for your garden.

Our mulch products include composted varieties that are made from crushed green waste and shredded pink bark. These promote healthy vegetation and act as a defence against extreme weather conditions.

Contact us today if you are looking for mulch in Perth.