Midland Sand & Soil Supplies stock blue metal gravel that is used for a variety of applications including drainage, as well as in concrete mixes. Landscapers, developers and homeowners use blue metal in many building and gardening projects.

Our range of blue metal and gravels include:

  • 10mm Blue Metal
  • 14mm Blue Metal
  • 20mm Blue Metal
  • Blue Metal Dust
  • Road Base
  • Road Gravel
  • Bindoon Red
  • 10mm  Whole Pea Gravel
  • 10mm & 18mm Cracked Pea Gravel
  • Concrete Mix
  • 19mm Crushed limestone
  • 10mm Black Basalt
  • 20mm Black Basalt

Blue metal aggregate can be used in concrete mixes to construct your foundations for your perfect garden, create pathways, used as a drainage solution in pots or soak wells.  Blue metal can also be used as a non-organic mulch on your garden beds.

Garden gravel is largely used for decorative purposes including defining a footpath, modelling a flowerbed. It is also used as decorative stones in planters or flower beds. An extremely versatile product that performs several functions.

The different gravel compositions mean that blue metal dust can be used as a foundational base for the manufactured lawn. Because it can be compacted, the dust creates a firm foundation on which artificial lawn can rest without having to deal with real weeds, plants and grass coming through.

Road Base, Bindoon Red, Road Gravel and Crushed Limestone have an innate strength, once compacted they are perfect for footpaths and driveways.

So, whether you are looking for manicured gravel gardens, driveways paved with hardy gravel, soils, sands or mixes, we have what you require. Contact us today for quality products, exceptional service and a free courtesy trailer hire. We also offer a delivery service, for your bulk orders.