Boost the health of your trees, lawn and plants with Midland garden soil..

Do you want a garden that looks good for longer? That coveted secret lies in the balance of the soil nutrients and moisture. The right garden soil will boost the nutrients in your garden, feed the lawn and slowly release moisture into the ground, keeping your outdoor area in a healthy state for longer.

Midland Sand & Soil stocks a wide range of soil types that are suitable for large or small garden areas. These products offer quick lawn or plant establishment and will have your garden looking more vibrant and your grass looking thicker, in next to no time.

If you’re looking for lawn soil, our special lawn mix is suitable for a top dressing or planting an entirely new lawn.

Grow your luscious flowers, rich vegetation and healthy vegetables with our selection of general garden soil, vegie mix, and native soil mix, each of which are created to achieve different results.

Soil Improvers such as, soil conditioner and mushroom compost will hold moisture in the soil and encourage soil helpers, like worms and microorganisms. Supplying a balance of slow release nutrients and improving soil health.

Our range of soils include:

  • Landscape Mix
  • Special Lawn Mix
  • Native Soil Mix
  • Vegie mix
  • General Garden Mix
  • Soil Conditioner
  • Mushroom Compost

All our garden soils and conditioners have ingredients that add to the richness, moistness and health of the soil and, by extension, your plants, flowers, lawn and vegetables.

Give your garden the best with Midland Sand & Soil products. Contact us today. You can buy small or large quantities, we also offer bulk delivery and a free courtesy trailer hire for your convenience.