Garden stones add beauty and appeal..

Garden stones and pebbles have gained in popularity and Midland Sand & Soil Supplies offers  garden stones for you to decorate your landscape with. Our products are used by landscapers, developers and homeowners across Perth who want to add value to their homes and create beautiful outdoor spaces.

With our stunning range of pebbles and stone products, you can turn a garden around. Stones, when placed on top of soil, create a stable environment for plants and flowers to flourish because the stones hold the soil in place and prevent the sand from blowing away. Once the top soil has disappeared, plant soil can become dehydrated and lose nutrients, and stones help you avoid those problems.

Aside from the advantages of a rich and nutrient-filled garden, our pebbles are excellent decorative pebbles, which can be used to define footpaths and driveways. The multi-coloured rainbow stones, black basalt and polished pebbles certainly stand out and create a presence of their own.

As a garden stone that is required to fulfil a range of requirements, these stones certainly do that. The many uses of these stones are only limited by your imagination. There is so much personality that stones add to gardens, and they offer great drainage solutions, non organic mulch as well as excellent pond features.

Contact Midland Sand & Soil today, Perth’s recommended stone supplier. Gravel and stones available in bulk or in bags , Polished pebbles available in bag only. We also offer a free courtesy trailer hire for your convenience, or we can deliver to you.