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Landscaping with moss rock

Landscaping with moss rock

There are so many unique ways to revamp and revitalise the look of your home garden. But have you ever considered doing your landscaping with moss rock? Using moss rock will give your garden an eye-catching design that can be used for an array of home projects. Let’s learn some more about landscaping with moss rock. 

What are moss rocks?
Moss rock is any rock in a natural landscape that is partly or entirely above the ground level. These rocks get their name as they often have moss or lichens growing on their face. They usually have rounded edges, so they are easily identified from other stones. Many animals find shelters in and around moss rock, such as reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. 

Using moss rock to help nature
One of the main benefits to you choosing to use moss rock for your landscaping ventures is that you can help with the protection of wildlife in your area. As mentioned, many animals seek the rocks for shelter and protection, using the crevices to hide in. Helping nature while also creating a beautiful structure for your enjoyment gives you even more of a reason to start landscaping with moss rock. Moss rock suppliers can provide you with advice on the best moss rock for flora and fauna in your garden. 

Things to build with moss rock
There is a long list of ways moss rock can be used in your garden or landscaping project. Using them for a pond or waterfall structure is a great idea, one that is popular in many Japanese landscapes. Landscaping with moss rock not only creates a beautiful serene garden oasis but will be the perfect environment for Australian fauna to enjoy too. Another idea is to make the stones the most prominent feature in your garden and let the moss take over for a mystic feel. By having either a large feature stone in the centre of your garden or lots of them dispersed creates a luscious green scene. They also make great pathway liners and steps. 

Moss rock aquarium 
If you wanted to landscape moss rock in the home, you could try a moss rock aquarium. Although this could be one of the trickier methods of landscaping, or ‘aquascaping’, it is doable and very worth it. Many people worry if moss rock is safe for aquariums, but when done right, it is safe and will thrive. Java moss is one of the easiest aquarium plants to grow. It has low water quality and lighting requirements, so it is one of the easiest to maintain. Once you produce the moss, you can make it cover the rocks, walls, or filters of your tank. 

Moss rock retaining walls
A popular project is to create a moss rock retaining wall in your garden space. By asking suppliers and choosing the best moss rock for sale for your selected task, you can make the perfect look for your garden. Moss rocks come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit your desired look. The moss will grow in and up your moss rock retaining wall, creating a dark, natural and luscious perimeter for your garden oasis. 

If one of these projects is calling your name, why not give us a call on (08) 9274 6244 and one of our team members can give you some more information about what moss rocks we offer. Or if you are ready to make a start, head over to our website and get a quote for your moss rock project. 

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