• Creative landscaping ideas


    Creativity lives inside all of us. A lot of the time we are too scared to let it out or we’re afraid that other people may not like the result. Your garden belongs to you, and it’s about time you get your creative juices flowing and make it stan [...]

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  • Plants’ heat response means fiercer heatwaves


    Asia faces more extreme heat by mid-century as some plant species react unexpectedly to rising average temperatures, new research shows. Researchers have established that extreme heat can alter the atmospheric chemistry unfavourably for plan [...]

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  • The 10 Best Garden Crops to Plant This Summer

    shutterstock_266635289 (Large)

    Get vertical! Grow these crops for hearty fall harvests! People recognize the space-saving advantages of growing vegetables vertically up garden netting or a trellis, and they are surprised at the number of varieties that can be used to crea [...]

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  • Crushed Limestone Uses & Benefits


    Of all the naturally forming rocks in this world, there is perhaps none that is as versatile as limestone  – especially when it’s been crushed and screened. It’s really no wonder, then, that so many contractors throughout a wide range of i [...]

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  • How to prepare an area for a vegetable garden

    I’m bored!!! How often as a parent have we heard this from our children? Children are always learning, whether they know it or not, and we want to pass on good habits to them, so instead of letting them play video games , let’s get them outside [...]

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