The 10 Best Garden Crops to Plant This Summer

Get vertical! Grow these crops for hearty fall harvests!

People recognize the space-saving advantages of growing vegetables vertically up garden netting or a trellis, and they are surprised at the number of varieties that can be used to create a vertical garden.
Here is my list of 10 favorites—and the reason I turn to them—for crops you’ll harvest in the fall:#1. ‘Sugar Snap’ Peas.#2. Cucumber ‘Orient Express.’

#3. ‘Lazy Wife’ Pole Beans.
#4. ‘Doctor Martin’s’ Pole Lima Bean.

#5. ‘Vegetable Spaghetti’ Squash.

#6. ‘Malabar’ Heat-Resistant Climbing Spinach.

#7. ‘Better Boy’ Tomato.

#8. ‘Sungold’ Cherry Tomato.

#9. ‘Trombone’ Zucchini.

#10. ‘Charentais.’ Melon

This story was taken from Rodale Organic Life – to read all about the details, tips and harvest inforamtion click here

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