Mushroom Compost

The Magic of Mushroom Compost

What do you use in your garden? Ask any one of your neighbours, and you can’t get a multitude of responses of what is best for your garden bed. Some rave about wood chips, bark and pine whilst others love leaves or swear by manure!

We use composts to add to the soil texture and improve nutrient absorption and drainage. Some composts can also keep weeds at bay and aid water retention.

One type of compost you might haven’t heard as much about is Mushroom Compost and the magical ways it can improve your the quality of your soil.

What is Mushroom Compost?

Mushroom compost is a mulch to improve your plant growth. It’s made up of the growing material leftover from the process of growing large amounts of mushrooms.

Mushroom compost combines this leftover mushroom matter with house or poultry manure and wheat straw. It can also have peat moss or lime incorporated into the mix to kill off any unnecessary bacteria.

Ways mushroom compost will improve your soil:

  • Feeds your plants
  • It’s organic and versatile
  • Promotes water retention
  • Keeps weeds away
  • Anti-pest

Feeds your plants

If you’re looking to add nutrients to your garden bed, mushroom compost is a practical addition to your garden. It’s a slow-release nutrient-rich fertiliser. It promotes healthy fungi and bacteria to grow in the soil. It also fosters an ideal environment for micro-organisms, essential for
developing a healthy soil structure.

Organic and Versatile

If you are someone who locals local and organic, get some mushroom compost in your mix! With mushroom compost, you don’t have to worry about chemicals in your garden, which means it’s ideal for use in a veggie patch. Mushroom compost is virus-free and provides plants with the nutrients to fight off infections. It’s also extremely versatile and can be used around most plants, even just to ‘top-dress’ the soil.

Water Retention

Your plants are thirsty, and a compost that retains moisture will ensure the slow-release hydration of your garden. It improves the life of your plants as there is less reaction to changes in weather with stable moisture levels in the soil.

Weed-Free Zone

No need for a weed mat or weekends spent pulling up weeds! Mushroom compost goes through a steam sterilisation process which ensures no weed seeds make it through the mix. Get us a bag already!


We can thank the steam sterilisation process again, as a result, it also prevents the compost from attracting unwanted critters. Fewer pests mean you’ll be less likely to introduce chemicals to keep them at bay, keeping your plants and veggies as organic as possible.

Check out our Mushroom Mulch in Perth. It’s an 100% organic medium maturity product, suitable for supplying a balance of slow-release nutrients and improving soil health. We call it the “Rolls Royce” of compost and mulches. Our blend combines a quality blend of straw, poultry manure, gypsum, seed meal, peat and limestone. Give us a call to put a bag aside for you! You can reach us on (08) 9274 6244.